Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

This blog is going to be kept anonymous so I can be truthful about everything and not have to worry what anyone thinks about me. Therefore if any pics are posted, they will not be of people and any names mentioned will not be the actual names of those people.

I am a teenager with anxiety. I also suffer from panick attacks quite often. I used to feel I was the only one but I found out quite recently that my god sister is exactly like me but a bit older and, sadly, more popular. I don’t have many friends but to be honest with you the ones I have are the best friends ever and I couldn’t wish for better friends.

It’s quite scary for me to have started a blog because I don’t really like talking to lots of people – especially people I don’t know.

With this blog, I am hoping to meet some people who are similar to me and will be able to help me when I am struggling.

Thank you for reading (if anyone is actually reading)

Teen Online, going offline