Quick Update On Sleepover

Hey guys,

I went to Gothy’s sleepover Friday night and it was OK but not great. We all got on alright and we had fun. It’s quite surprising that we got to sleep before midnight but we did…or at least I did!

Films were not great though because I am not allowed to watch 15s and the films we chose were all 15s. I say we but it was more they with me having to go along with it because I was outnumbered.

Food also wasn’t the best as we had pizza. I also didn’t get a very good choice in that because I had never been to Domino’s and therefore didn’t know what they sold. I ended up just saying I would have the same as everyone else so I didn’t enjoy it much and only had 1 piece. I guess that was kind of my fault though because I was indecisive. 1 piece was enough for me anyway as I am dieting and not eating much. It was actually quite filling just having 1 piece.

Sleeping got quite claustrophobic but there was nothing that could be done about that because her room is quite small for 4 people to sleep in.

Yesterday we went to Bounce for the rest of Gothy’s birthday which was the best part of her whole party I think although it was very tiring. We had McDonald’s after which was not great but I had no say in it so I had to go along with that too.

I can’t say it wasn’t fun because it was and I have spoken about what wasn’t great earlier. I want to thank Gothy for inviting me because it shows she is a good friend.

I’m not too tired now because I went to bed early last night but I now have lots of homework to catch up on!

Bye for now,

Teen Online, going offline



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