Upcoming Exams

Hey everyone,

I have already had 3 panick attacks about my art exam tomorrow and I only started thinking about it properly two weeks ago. Ok it was bad of me to leave it so late but I was having fun over Christmas. It’s unfair for the school to tell us to prepare for art over Christmas because art takes a long time to prepare for especially¬† when it’s me as I take so much time over my art. The exam is tomorrow and I am worried I will fail because none of my practices have worked.

I get a lot of pressure put on me at exam time, like my parents. My art teacher has even put a lot of pressure on me this year because I have built up a high reputation in art. I am supposed to be very talented but if this exam fails, there will be a lot of doubt and a lack of self confidence appear.

It’s a shame but all I can do now is try and hope for the best.

Thanks to anyone who is reading even if you think me talking to you about this is pointless. I just would like to know if there is anyone out there who feels like this when it comes to exams whether they are practice or not.

Love to you always

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