Overcoming your fears

Overcoming fears is a scary thing but it’s something you sometimes have to do to be happy with yourself. Sometimes, it can be a big thing like flying but other times it can be a small thing like walking under scaffolding!

Those were both big fears of mine and one still is! I overcame my fear of flying in 2014 when I went to Mallorca. It was hard to get used to flying but I eventually found it wasn’t too bad after all. I am still afraid of walking under scaffolding so I always walk around it when possible!

However I overcame another fear yesterday – I did a standing dive!

So, it’s quite scary doing a standing dive when you are so used to doing sitting or kneeling dives. But… I did it yesterday! I say I did it, but I should probably say I tried to do it because my first go was almost a belly-flop. My second try was better but not perfect. At least I didn’t belly-flop that time though.

I have to give credit to Shaw who helped me and taught me how to do one.

Tell me your fears in the comments below. I would love to hear if any of you have managed to overcome your fears.

Good luck!

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