There’s a first for everything

Hi everyone,

The title probably sounds a bit strange – There’s a first for everything. Well of course there is. There’s the first time you ride your bike, the first time you fly in a plane, the first time you draw a horse!

But I’ve just had another first! Yesterday, I said I had faced my fear of doing a standing dive, well that was a first because I had never done one before and today I’ve had another first. Not quite as exciting but still a first. I’ve just had my first Costa latte! I have had a Costa before but only a hot chocolate but now I have had a latte too. It was the best drink ever! I don’t normally go to Costa much but now I think I will have Costa’s a lot more!

Thanks to anyone who actually read this post. I know it was quite a boring post but I would love to hear about any of your firsts and don’t forget to comment your overcomings of your fears on my previous posts.

Bye for now.

Teen Online, going offline



2 thoughts on “There’s a first for everything

    • teenonline7 says:

      Thanks Steph,
      It’s great to have your support and you are right, I have learnt and grown so much from these new experiences.
      Have you had any ‘firsts’ recently? If so let me know – I would love to hear about them.
      Teen Online, going offline


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