Organising homework

Hey guys,

I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a long while but you know what it’s like with homework! However it is the half term now and I wanted to talk to you guys about organising your homework if you want some social life to.

  1. Create a ‘to do’ list – organise your day with some work and some time for yourself. I was bought a to do list notepad for Christmas once and it had 3 sections which were ‘really need to do,’ ‘would be good to do,’ and ‘bonus stuff to do’. This helped me to organise my homework and complete it on time.
  2. Set a homework day/night – choose one or two nights after school to get your homework done and leave the other nights free.
  3. Do it when you get it – don’t leave your homework until the night before because that could be stressful and you might forget it! Do it when you get it so that the lesson is fresh in your mind. Trust me it will be easier.

Hope these help you!

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