Hey guys,

I am so sorry for not posting in a while but i have been going through a week of exams recently and i have had no time. I am sure you all understand what it is like!

But today, I am talking about my 3 crushes!!! I know 3! I will give you a moment to take that in…

Ok let’s carry on. Those of you who haven’t read my blog before, read my previous post on Crushes and Boyfriends here before continuing with this one.
Pj – definitely single

Mayo – I think is single

As for curtains – I will never know

In the last Crushes and Boyfriends post, I spoke about Pj mainly and for now I am focusing on him. After I wrote the crushes and boyfriends post I found out that he wasn’t single any more. He was going out with another girl. I was sad I’ll admit it but what got to me was that he was going out with a cheater. She cheated on him twice and when he found out… Well that was the end of it. He dumped her just like that. So… Now that means he is single again!!! Oh, and also, he still flirts with me in RS.

Moving on to Mayo. As far as I know, he is single too. He doesn’t really have many girlfriends but you never know what could happen! 

Finally, Curtains. He might be in the year above me but i don’t think that’s to bad is it??? He is kinda cute and you can’t help but like who you like. 

If any of you readers have any crushes that might be a bit wild or even normal let me know in the comments below. Or if you don’t want anyone to see take a look at my Social Media page.

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