Sleepover tonight!

Hi guys,

I could do with some support for tonight because I have a sleepover to go to.

I am so, so nervous about going to my friend Gothy’s (not real name obviously) sleepover tomorrow. She is one of my closest friends but not my best friend because that’s Lor and (hopefully) that will never change!

But, back to the sleepover. Its Gothy’s birthday on Saturday and she has invited Lor, Jell and me to her sleepover. Jell is another of my friends but also not as close as Lor and Jell is also not her real name. Gothy, Jell, Lor and I often spend a lot of time together at school but we have never been together as a four for a sleepover. I’m worried I will be the one to mess it up because of the socially awkward person I seem to be becoming. What if I say something really stupid and they judge me? I mean that would be terrible. What if I spill something or smash something? Her parents will hate me. What if they all want to do something that I don’t and they leave me out? What if I try to focus too much attention on me and they get bored? What if we all have an argument? What if this sleepover makes me lose my closest and nearly only friends? What if I ruin Gothy’s Birthday? That was possibly the worst thing I could think of.

The next question is what am I going to wear. I don’t have to be too fashionable because Gothy isn’t the best at dressing well (no offence of course). But then there’s Jell and she is the most popular out of the group and dresses quite fashionably. And finally there is Lor who wears everything Superdry. So I guess I’ll just wear leggings and a top of some sort. Wow that was difficult!

The final thing is am I going to be Ok? Well I hope so! I’ll blog and hopefully post some photos. Or I might fake being ill because I am so worried I’ll ruin everything. No I’ll go.

I’m still so nervous!

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Looking back on 2016

Hiya everyone.

I love photography so I decided to share a few of my photos from last year but not people (obviously).





Bee at work


Little butterfly


A loved one


I love art so I decided to share with you some of my art from 2016 too!




Heart broken


So blue




Hope you all like them. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Best friend Arguments

Hi again!

I often start daydreaming and end up thinking about something that had previously happened. I was daydreaming just a few minutes ago and thought I would write about it.

I was thinking about when you have an argument with your best friend and when it’s over neither person seems to know why you argued in the first place. The only problem is I do. I am garunteed to remember every single moment of an argument between myself and my best friend or any friend in fact. Is that weird? I don’t honestly know.

Not long ago, I had an argument with my best friend Lor (not her real name obviously) and I can recap every single detail which is weird because after this argument, Lor couldn’t remember what we argued about.

The argument was pretty pathetic really because it was all over a ruler. OK so it was a new ruler but still… a ruler.

Seriously though!

It all started when she took my ruler and refused to give it back. I let it go for a while but soon started to get frustrated. I ended up saying to her slightly too loudly “Can you please give my ruler back now?” This happened to be in front of my tutor which was a bit awkward but he got it back for me so I silently thanked him for that. But who knew, my best friend would be brilliantly annoying. She starts giving me the silent treatment aka ignoring me for ages. The bell rang meaning we were to go to English. Lucky me, we had an assessment which I had a panick attack during and failed. We ended up making up the next day after I most likely laid on the guilt a bit too much but ya know it worked (ish).

We are still best friends now so it’s all good between us. 😊

Hope someone can help me understand why I can remember every detail (as you have read). I could tell you so much detail as to say the colour of the ruler and where she kept it hidden but I don’t think you really need to know that much about it.

If you have got this far, thanks for putting up with probably a pretty rubbish story but I find it strange how I remember so much detail.

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New Years Resolution

Hey there everyone. Hope 2016 went OK for you. I just really wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and talk about New Years resolutions. So…

     Happy New Year!

And let’s hope it’s a good one!

I’ve always wanted to set myself a New Years resolution that I could (try) to stick to so, this year, I have set myself the resolution of eating healthier and eating less. Ok I admit I’m not obese but I still feel like I am not thin enough and I am nowhere near healthy enough. I never seem to be happy with how I look and worry about it all of the time so that’s how my resolution came to mind. This might sound slightly weird to all of you but I’m going to say it anyway; I kind of love food and hate it all at the same time!

I would love to hear about any of your resolutions and how you came to think of them (you obviously don’t have to tell me so don’t feel forced to)

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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

This blog is going to be kept anonymous so I can be truthful about everything and not have to worry what anyone thinks about me. Therefore if any pics are posted, they will not be of people and any names mentioned will not be the actual names of those people.

I am a teenager with anxiety. I also suffer from panick attacks quite often. I used to feel I was the only one but I found out quite recently that my god sister is exactly like me but a bit older and, sadly, more popular. I don’t have many friends but to be honest with you the ones I have are the best friends ever and I couldn’t wish for better friends.

It’s quite scary for me to have started a blog because I don’t really like talking to lots of people – especially people I don’t know.

With this blog, I am hoping to meet some people who are similar to me and will be able to help me when I am struggling.

Thank you for reading (if anyone is actually reading)

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