Hey guys,

I am so sorry for not posting in a while but i have been going through a week of exams recently and i have had no time. I am sure you all understand what it is like!

But today, I am talking about my 3 crushes!!! I know 3! I will give you a moment to take that in…

Ok let’s carry on. Those of you who haven’t read my blog before, read my previous post on Crushes and Boyfriends here before continuing with this one.
Pj – definitely single

Mayo – I think is single

As for curtains – I will never know

In the last Crushes and Boyfriends post, I spoke about Pj mainly and for now I am focusing on him. After I wrote the crushes and boyfriends post I found out that he wasn’t single any more. He was going out with another girl. I was sad I’ll admit it but what got to me was that he was going out with a cheater. She cheated on him twice and when he found out… Well that was the end of it. He dumped her just like that. So… Now that means he is single again!!! Oh, and also, he still flirts with me in RS.

Moving on to Mayo. As far as I know, he is single too. He doesn’t really have many girlfriends but you never know what could happen! 

Finally, Curtains. He might be in the year above me but i don’t think that’s to bad is it??? He is kinda cute and you can’t help but like who you like. 

If any of you readers have any crushes that might be a bit wild or even normal let me know in the comments below. Or if you don’t want anyone to see take a look at my Social Media page.

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Organising homework

Hey guys,

I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a long while but you know what it’s like with homework! However it is the half term now and I wanted to talk to you guys about organising your homework if you want some social life to.

  1. Create a ‘to do’ list – organise your day with some work and some time for yourself. I was bought a to do list notepad for Christmas once and it had 3 sections which were ‘really need to do,’ ‘would be good to do,’ and ‘bonus stuff to do’. This helped me to organise my homework and complete it on time.
  2. Set a homework day/night – choose one or two nights after school to get your homework done and leave the other nights free.
  3. Do it when you get it – don’t leave your homework until the night before because that could be stressful and you might forget it! Do it when you get it so that the lesson is fresh in your mind. Trust me it will be easier.

Hope these help you!

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Crushes + boyfriends

hi everyone,

so sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I haven’t really had anything to write about until now!

I have recently been talking with my best friend Lor and Star Shaw about boys! Lor and I both have a crush on two or three boys at the same time. I have a crush on two – GP and Papa John. Okay so he isn’t really called Papa John but that is the nickname my classmates and even himself uses. He is part italian so that name kind of stuck. Only Lor will really understand properly.

Anyways, back to the point. PJ was with me for the last two lessons of today because of a group for higher ability students of the year (RS). Him and I are part of that group you see but today was different because he was flirting with me.

PJ has previously admitted that he flirts with everyone but he doesn’t take it across 2 whole hours. At the end of the first lesson of RS, he was one of the last to leave and I was just standing holding the door. He stood next to me, smiled and rested his head on my shoulder. Now he would never do that when just being himself and flirting normally. Before this though, we were kind of flirting you could say but I think it was more on his part than mine. I went along with it because I think I like him back. After lunch was pretty much the same but at the end of the day, he walked with me to the gates and said “see you tomorrow” but he said it so sweetly it could have melted anyones heart.

After sharing this with you guys, I thought I would give you a few tips on how to know if you like someone or if they are flirting with you. So, here goes…

  1. Feelings when around them! Nervousness? Butterflies? Shy? These are just a few feelings you might have but there are other very similar ones. Everyone is different but these are some of the most common feelings.
  2. Their actions around you! If you find them near you often and avoiding eye contact, they might be shy and not quite ready but they are likely to like you. If they are one of those who likes to flirt with everyone and they are different around you, they might like you – only if it is a good different not a bad different obviously. For example, they could walk with you even if you are reluctant to let them!
  3. Speech! If they talk to you and they are trying to find out more about you, there is a good chance they will like you. Also if they are talking sweetly – as in not like they would to a normal friend and not nastily either – it is another sign!

Remember, the boy should make the first move not the girl. This is because if the girl makes the first move, the boy will be reluctant to reject so wait for them to ask you! This is the one main thing I have learnt about relationships in secondary school!

Also make sure you put your best friend first. Lor and me have a little saying I though I would share with you guys… Best friends before boyfriends!

I hope soem of these points help those of you out there wondering if you like someone or if they like you. If anyone has any other thoughts let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.


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There’s a first for everything

Hi everyone,

The title probably sounds a bit strange – There’s a first for everything. Well of course there is. There’s the first time you ride your bike, the first time you fly in a plane, the first time you draw a horse!

But I’ve just had another first! Yesterday, I said I had faced my fear of doing a standing dive, well that was a first because I had never done one before and today I’ve had another first. Not quite as exciting but still a first. I’ve just had my first Costa latte! I have had a Costa before but only a hot chocolate but now I have had a latte too. It was the best drink ever! I don’t normally go to Costa much but now I think I will have Costa’s a lot more!

Thanks to anyone who actually read this post. I know it was quite a boring post but I would love to hear about any of your firsts and don’t forget to comment your overcomings of your fears on my previous posts.

Bye for now.

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Overcoming your fears

Overcoming fears is a scary thing but it’s something you sometimes have to do to be happy with yourself. Sometimes, it can be a big thing like flying but other times it can be a small thing like walking under scaffolding!

Those were both big fears of mine and one still is! I overcame my fear of flying in 2014 when I went to Mallorca. It was hard to get used to flying but I eventually found it wasn’t too bad after all. I am still afraid of walking under scaffolding so I always walk around it when possible!

However I overcame another fear yesterday – I did a standing dive!

So, it’s quite scary doing a standing dive when you are so used to doing sitting or kneeling dives. But… I did it yesterday! I say I did it, but I should probably say I tried to do it because my first go was almost a belly-flop. My second try was better but not perfect. At least I didn’t belly-flop that time though.

I have to give credit to Shaw who helped me and taught me how to do one.

Tell me your fears in the comments below. I would love to hear if any of you have managed to overcome your fears.

Good luck!

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Upcoming Exams

Hey everyone,

I have already had 3 panick attacks about my art exam tomorrow and I only started thinking about it properly two weeks ago. Ok it was bad of me to leave it so late but I was having fun over Christmas. It’s unfair for the school to tell us to prepare for art over Christmas because art takes a long time to prepare for especially  when it’s me as I take so much time over my art. The exam is tomorrow and I am worried I will fail because none of my practices have worked.

I get a lot of pressure put on me at exam time, like my parents. My art teacher has even put a lot of pressure on me this year because I have built up a high reputation in art. I am supposed to be very talented but if this exam fails, there will be a lot of doubt and a lack of self confidence appear.

It’s a shame but all I can do now is try and hope for the best.

Thanks to anyone who is reading even if you think me talking to you about this is pointless. I just would like to know if there is anyone out there who feels like this when it comes to exams whether they are practice or not.

Love to you always

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Quick Update On Sleepover

Hey guys,

I went to Gothy’s sleepover Friday night and it was OK but not great. We all got on alright and we had fun. It’s quite surprising that we got to sleep before midnight but we did…or at least I did!

Films were not great though because I am not allowed to watch 15s and the films we chose were all 15s. I say we but it was more they with me having to go along with it because I was outnumbered.

Food also wasn’t the best as we had pizza. I also didn’t get a very good choice in that because I had never been to Domino’s and therefore didn’t know what they sold. I ended up just saying I would have the same as everyone else so I didn’t enjoy it much and only had 1 piece. I guess that was kind of my fault though because I was indecisive. 1 piece was enough for me anyway as I am dieting and not eating much. It was actually quite filling just having 1 piece.

Sleeping got quite claustrophobic but there was nothing that could be done about that because her room is quite small for 4 people to sleep in.

Yesterday we went to Bounce for the rest of Gothy’s birthday which was the best part of her whole party I think although it was very tiring. We had McDonald’s after which was not great but I had no say in it so I had to go along with that too.

I can’t say it wasn’t fun because it was and I have spoken about what wasn’t great earlier. I want to thank Gothy for inviting me because it shows she is a good friend.

I’m not too tired now because I went to bed early last night but I now have lots of homework to catch up on!

Bye for now,

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